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Meat Mansion II

Games information: Games name: Meat Mansion II You need to pick better hiding places. This house is (also) full of Zombies! Keep the undead at bay whilst attempting to escape your butt out of here... Mouse to explore, click to shoot.

Zombie Grinder 6000

Games information: Games name: Zombie Grinder 6000 Shoot all zombies that come your way. Pick up ammunition for your shotgun all the time. Don't walk into fires it's bad for you. Avoid zombies, some will hang on to you and will slowly eat you up. Arrow Keys- To move and jump. Mouse- To aim and Shoot.


Games information: Games name: Zombi Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face. Q, W, E, R, T - Activate flame. Spacebar - Ignite flame

Games Zombies

Games information: Games name: Games Zombies
 Help Father Painbringer bring peace to the undead hordes through the gentle medium of the double-barrel shotgun.To complete each level, you must fill the ghoul harvest meter by destroying the undead any way you can. Up arrow key to look up; down arrow key to look down; left and right arrow keys to move left and right; 'x' to jump (tap twice to double jump or press jump + down to jump down); 'z' to shoot (+ direction to aim up, down or diagonally).

Zombies Games

Games information: Games name: Zombies Games Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting. Blow the zombies brains out. Use Arrow keys to move. Space bar to shoot/jump


Games name: Zombie Setup your sentry as you keep the enemy at bay and take them down. Watch out for sneaky spies! W, A, S, D - Move. Spacebar - Wrench. Mouse - Aim / Shoot.

Plants vs Zombies

Games name: Plants vs Zombies Remake of Worms. Destroy the enemy team. Arrow key for movement Space to Jump and attack