Zombie ErikSim Taxi

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Meat Mansion II

Games information: Games name: Meat Mansion II You need to pick better hiding places. This house is (also) full of Zombies! Keep the undead at bay whilst attempting to escape your butt out of here... Mouse to explore, click to shoot.

Zombie Grinder 6000

Games information: Games name: Zombie Grinder 6000 Shoot all zombies that come your way. Pick up ammunition for your shotgun all the time. Don't walk into fires it's bad for you. Avoid zombies, some will hang on to you and will slowly eat you up. Arrow Keys- To move and jump. Mouse- To aim and Shoot.


Games information: Games name: Zombi Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face. Q, W, E, R, T - Activate flame. Spacebar - Ignite flame

Games Zombies

Games information: Games name: Games Zombies
 Help Father Painbringer bring peace to the undead hordes through the gentle medium of the double-barrel shotgun.To complete each level, you must fill the ghoul harvest meter by destroying the undead any way you can. Up arrow key to look up; down arrow key to look down; left and right arrow keys to move left and right; 'x' to jump (tap twice to double jump or press jump + down to jump down); 'z' to shoot (+ direction to aim up, down or diagonally).

Zombies Games

Games information: Games name: Zombies Games Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting. Blow the zombies brains out. Use Arrow keys to move. Space bar to shoot/jump


Games name: Zombie Setup your sentry as you keep the enemy at bay and take them down. Watch out for sneaky spies! W, A, S, D - Move. Spacebar - Wrench. Mouse - Aim / Shoot.

Plants vs Zombies

Games name: Plants vs Zombies Remake of Worms. Destroy the enemy team. Arrow key for movement Space to Jump and attack


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Games name: Yepi It's getting tactical now. In School Wars you have to command your troop. Capture the important squares, grow the team and fight hostile groups. Use Mouse to interact.

Yepi Games

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Games name: Yepi A defense game with Mages, Archers, and Ninjas instead of turrets and towers. Watch your placements. Use mouse to interact.

Zoo-Preme Accuracy Yepi

Games name: Zoo-Preme Accuracy Yepi Sasquacth used his evil roar to turn all animal in the city zoo into his minions and now they are on rampage. Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Xiao Xiao Friv 4

Games name: Xiao Xiao Friv 4 The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Enjoy! Mouse - Aim and shoot. Spacebar - Reload.

Kill the Pacman Juegos

Games name: Kill the Pacman Juegos Bounce off the pac man guys using your ball and destroy them before the time limit. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Bounce.

Flash Chess kizi 3

Games name: Flash Chess kizi 3 Another remake of the classic board game. Use mouse to interact. Games operational guidelines:

Car in Air friv

Description of Car in Air game: You are driving a cool red car near the sea but is not easy! You have to be careful to avoid obstacles like stones, tree and more. Get power ups like gas and speed fuel along the way. How to play: Arrow keys - To move.

Ways Hero Kizi

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Games name: Ways Hero Kizi A side-scroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action over and over again. WASD Keys- Movement. J- To attack. K- To jump.

Frizle Fraz Friv 4

Description of Sweet Spring Wedding game: Getting married is the most happiness in one's life,so princess and prince must have sweet and beautiful dresses to experience today. Use mouse to interact. Description of Frizle Fraz game: Rescue little frizzles and collect keys while avoiding the nasties. How to play: Arrow keys- To move

School Wars Juegos Friv

Games name: School Wars Juegos Friv It's getting tactical now. In School Wars you have to command your troop. Capture the important squares, grow the team and fight hostile groups.

Days 2 Die Juegos

Description of Days 2 Die game:
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to defend yourself and fight zombies in 5 different maps and countless zombie waves, build Barricades to protect you and your friends, hire Mercenaries to help you survive. You can buy over 20+ weapons, includingHow to play: 
Mouse key - To aim and shoot.
W,A,S,D keys - To move around.
Space bar - To jump.
Shift key - To run.
R - To reload.
I - To show inventory.
E - To fix barricades. 

Tank Battle City

Games information:

Games name: Battle City
You control the tank to defend the heart of city.

Click on the gray button to start the game. Use "F" key to fire and arrow keys to move.

Engage And Friv Destro

Games information:

Games name: Engage And Destroy
Fire your cannons just right so that they hit the other sailing ship before they hit you.

Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move your Ship.
Spacebar - fire.

Nuclear Eagle Friv

Games information: Games name:
Nuclear Eagle Collect the little kiddies and toss them in your eagles nest. Use mouse to interact. Games operational guidelines:

Friv Juegos

Games name: Friv Juegos
Collect the little kiddies and toss them in your eagles nest.

Use mouse to interact.
Games operational guidelines:

Kizi Games

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Games name: Madness Skateboard Challenge Jump over obstacles on your skateboard, grind and don't crash or it's all over. How far can you get?

Up Arrow Key - Jump.
Down Arrow Key - Dodge high object.

Couple Birds

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Find two same birds, then click to remove them as fast as you can! Have fun! Use your mouse to play this game.


Mission Commando

(More game types: 1 Player, Ball, Flash, Golf, Sports)
Description of Putter Nutter game: Help your golf player in putting all the balls accurately in the hole before time runs out to score maximum points. To clear a level, you need to be very accurate, so adjust the power and direction wisely to avoid wastage of time. Also hit the living crea Use Mouse to interact.

Top Trial Bike

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Games name: Top Trial Bike Coming in at 15.7MBs is another bike physics game. Grab the stars while balancing your bike. Up Arrow Key - Accelerate. Left Arrow Key - Lean Backward. Right Arrow Key - Lean Forward. Down Arrow Key - Brake.

Medieval Golf

(More game types: 1 Player, Flash, Golf, Medieval, Mouse Skill, Sports)
Description of Medieval Golf game: Actually, 'Medieval Golf' is a mix of golfing and archery. Use your mouse to set angle and power and try to shoot the 'golf ball arrow' to the target. Use mouse to play the game.

Zombie vs Hamster

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Description of Zombie vs Hamster game:
Which side will you take in the war between the zombies and the hamsters?

Arrow keys- To move.
Z / X keys- To attack.

Gold Miner

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(More game types: 1 Player, Flash, Gold, Mouse Skill, Purchase Equipment Upgrades)
Description of Gold Miner game:
Collect enough gold quick enough to reach the next level.

Up Arrow - Toss Dynamite Down Arrow - Drop Claw


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Description of Bomb It game:
The classic bomber man game has got a new look and more exciting characters to choose from.

Left / Right Arrow Keys - To select player.rnSpacebar - To confirm / drop bomb.rnArrow Keys - Movement


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Birds Town

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Angry Birds Ice Cream

Angry Birds Hunting

First Person Shooter In Real Life 4 Game

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Games information:
Games name: First Person Shooter In Real Life 4 Game
A shooting and decision making game made will live footage. Sweet!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Games operational guidelines:

Angry Birds Bad Pigs

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Death Junior

Description of Death Junior game:
Try to kill as much zombies as you can using flaming monsters head!

Press SPACE to start and SPACE again to explode hamster with C4
Drag lever to adjust speed

Ghost 'n Goblins


Description of Ghost 'n Goblins game:
This one goes out for all retro-freaks out there who appreciate such hard, old and golden games!

Arrow Keys - Walk.
Z - Jump.
X - Fire.

Bloody Day Part 1

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Description of Bloody Day Part 1 game:
Shoot all the sticks that cross your view with different guns.
How to play:
Mouse - To move crosshair.
Left Mouse Key - To shoot.
1,2,3 - To change weapon.
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Grand Prix Challenge 2

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Description of Grand Prix Challenge 2 game:
This is one of the coolest racing game. Try to finish all 3 tracks before your damage reaches 100%. Good luck!

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Space - High gear.

Bowling Mania

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Description of Bowling Mania game:
Strike! Can you knock down all of the pins? Position and aim the ball with your mouse and then click on the ball to bowl. Try to knock down as many pins as possible.

Use mouse to interact.

Army Driver

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Description of Army Driver game:
Think you got what it takes to be an Army Driver? Guide the truck and blast everything in your past with an AK-47.

W, A, S, D - Move the jeep.
Mouse / Spacebar - Shoot.

Schnappi Shooter

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Description of Schnappi Shooter game:
Kill as many schnappies as possible within the time limit.

Use Mouse to interact.

Death to Ninja

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Description of Death to Ninja game:
Shoot the Ninja before they come in front of you.

Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Spacebar - Shoot.

Gold Miner

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Description of Gold Miner game:
Collect enough gold quick enough to reach the next level.

Up Arrow - Toss Dynamite Down Arrow - Drop Claw